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Baby Photography is one of my areas of specialty. Those first few weeks of a baby’s life fly by in a haze. Blink and you’ve missed it. A baby photography shoot is probably the most important set of photos you’ll ever have and the ones you’ll treasure most. That said, when baby’s only a few days old even going to the supermarket can seem daunting. So to choose to go to a photography studio, strip your baby off and entrust the most precious thing in your life to a stranger can seem completely mad! Being a mum, I totally understand. But I encourage you to take the plunge. In fact, book your baby photography shoot when you first find out you’re pregnant. It really is a moment you’ll never want to forget. When your newborn baby’s tiny and still curled up, sleepy and contented, this is the time for a shoot.

I’m often asked what to bring to a newborn baby photography shoot. I suggest baby’s favourite teddy and blankets. Woolly hats look lovely too. Often though, the best pictures are the simple skin on skin ones. Bring a change of clothes for you as babies in no nappies can be hazardous! And don’t forget to bring Dad with his strong arms and big hands to hold little one. For a shoot with your toddler, dress them in bright colours and bring more than one outfit, avoiding navy blue or black.

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    If you’ve only just found me and your baby’s older than four weeks, don’t worry. Every part of a baby’s development is special – smiling at six months, crawling at nine months, a year to mark their first birthday, and when they start to walk.

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